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UK Work Experience

I spent 3 weeks in the UK doing a work experience placement with TrinityUK. I wanted to try something new and challenging and this programme seemed just the right thing for me. This was on eye-opening experience that made me more independent and confident in my skills. Everyone was keen on showing me how they work and I never felt out
of place. One of the best things it offered me was living as a local for 3 weeks, eating in pubs and going around the city. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to try something new and push themselves out of their comfort zone.



Claudia H.B.

UK Summer Camp, Leicester

I had a wonderful time at Trinity UK. I made lots of friends of all different ages and participated in all kind of activities. Specially I loved the activity leaders which are very kind and always ready to entertain us and make us enjoy our stay.

Vova L.

UK Summer Camp, Lampeter

I want to thank you personally for the education opportunity for my son Vova. He liked everything a lot. It really was a very good experience for him. We are very glad and happy that we have such a good friend like you. With our warmest and kindest regards from Russia!
Lena L. (Vova’s mother)



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#TrinityUK is #FRIENDSHIP! Our #SummerCamps are a safe and perfect place for you to practice your English language and learn more. But they are also a great place to make new international friendships! #trinityUK #YouStudyWeCare #TrinitySummer #TrinityExperience #EFL

#TrinityUK is FUN for everyone... young and adults. Our #Trinityteam is always with our students and leaders making sure they make the most out of their #TrinitySummer experience with us. #trinityExperience #trinitystyle #summercamp #englishsummerschool #efl #studywithtrinity

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