Trinity Exchange Lab

Trinity UK now offers a non-formal education programme
which provides an international cultural exchange
using active English speaking in the UK, all year round.

With students from many backgrounds and different age groups from 14 to 18, the main aim of the project is to give students exposure, to meet, learn and share cultures from our multi-cultural representatives from all over the world. Participants contribute activities that share history, culture, tradition, economy, people, tourism, current affairs, cultural evenings, sports and excursions.

This year round project helps the participants to understand and break stereotypes about the countries where our representatives of different nationalities come from. The workshops are interactive and aim to improve communication skills, the use of business English, debate, group discussions, team building, movie making, public speaking, goal setting and entrepreneurship.

A wide range of topics will be discussed during brainstorming workshops such as traveling, media influence, movie making, art forms, climate change impact etc.

Students will discuss a different theme everyday and at the end of the camp they are prepared to discuss and debate on those topics.

The students are also challenged to strive with each other in squads to create and execute the tasks, assignments and projects in order to bring out their creativity.

The programme schedule can vary on the request of both schools and universities and can accommodate group participants from 7 to 14 activity days.

Be a part of a global community

Explore and enhance your knowledge

A platform to practice English

Why is it exclusive?

The main aim of TRINITY EXCHANGE LAB is to bring the world under one roof. What a fantastic opportunity it will be to meet representatives from all over the world and share their experiences of life. Students will be able to learn traditional dances and music and get to know some amazing places in the world, their languages, religions, customs and traditions which they didn’t know existed.

This original concept means that everyday the students get an opportunity to travel to a country virtually with our representatives of different nationalities.

FTTS (Full Time Tutoring System)

Students will be able to learn new set of skills while enjoying activities they love! Working in teams during the workshops they will learn important skills for today’s world.

During country presentations and workshops students will have the opportunity to earn team points for good behaviour, which will contribute to the overall success of their team, helping to encourage teamwork and positive behaviours.

The programme consists of 2 half day trips including one orientation trip and 1 full day trip per week. Accommodation will vary by location, either a single room or shared rooms with shared or private bathrooms.

The Most Eco-Friendly
Camp In The UK

From this year, we aim to reduce the use of plastics and other non-recyclable materials used on our programmes. We ask our students to bring with them a refillable water bottle, which will be used during lunches and throughout the day.

Refillable bottles can be purchased on site, and half of the cost will be donated to Make-A-Wish® Foundation. This a small step for Trinity UK but we think it will be an enormous step for future generations!

Day by Day

Click here to see the TRINITY EXCHANGE LAB weekly schedule

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