A wonderful alpine village. You must come and visit.


Aprica, Italy


Double or Triple shared residence rooms


7 -13 years, boys and girls


Session Length
From one to four weeks


Learning time
15 hours per week


WiFi available
Access free 24/7

Aprica is a wonderful village located in the North of Italy, on the Alps. Here you can breath pure air, meet wild animals, and enjoy all the green fields that are in nearby.

This year the theme of the camp will be Wild Africa so all the activities, the drama workshop, lessons and the games will run around this topic. You can learn much more about this country than the Geography books!

The hotel is conveniently located in a quiet area with huge green fields available for all sort of games and sports and offer a delicious cuisine able to satisfy all tastes!

> Double, triple, quadruple rooms with private bathrooms
> Full board accommodation
> Snacks during the day (Twice a day)
> Italian packed lunches during the full day excurisons

> Typical English classrooms
> Mother tongue teachers
> Max 15 students per class
> Spacious restaurant
> Sports fields
> TV Room
> Disco

The course
> 1 full day excursion to Archeopark or Osservatorio Faunistico
> 2 half days excursions to the ‘baita’ for the afternoon break and Adventureland or Pian Gembro
> Engaging activity programme
> Trained activity staff
> 15 hrs tuition per week
> Full Time Tutoring System (F.T.T.S.)*
> 1 free leader every 15 students
> Entrance test through games
> End of course certificate

*Full Time Tutorial System F.T.T.S.:
The Full Time Tutoring System provides an Active Role Teaching (A.R.T.) which consists  of a new way of camp management, which enables students to be involved both inside and outside the classes.
Every student will be assigned to a specific team and all his/her actions will result in a reward or in a loss of points for the team he/she belongs to. At the end of the stay the centre manager will declare the winning team.
There are different activities each evening which are great fun! Karaoke, Movie Night, Talent Show, Bingo and lots more. The Pizza Party on the last evening is the cherry on the cake!

Why not take a look around?

Our Dates

14th June to 12th July 2020

Our Prices

890 Euros per week

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