Match vs Fit vs Suit

Match vs Fit vs Suit
20/01/2020 Max Manganello

Match vs Fit vs Suit

Match means that two things are the same or very similar.

  • Your blue shirt matches your blue eyes.
  • Our cars match! They’re both red hatchbacks!

Fit means that something is the correct size. This is a fact, not an opinion.

  • My glasses don’t fit.
  • I can’t fit into my jeans. I think I put on weight!

Suit means that something looks good on someone. It’s used to pay someone a compliment.

  • That dress really suits you.
  • Those shoes don’t suit you. You should wear something more formal.

Watch a video and answer the questions below

My hat is red and my shoes are red. My hat and shoes…

  1. match
  2. fit
  3. suit

Which of these is a fact not an opinion?

  1. That blue matches your style
  2. The car fits in the garage, but not by much!
  3. That shirt suits you.

If you think someone’s clothes look nice, you can say:

  1. Those clothes match you!
  2. Those clothes fit you!
  3. Those clothes suit you!


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Good Luck!





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