Love Harry Potter – Visit Filming Locations While Studying English In The UK

Love Harry Potter – Visit Filming Locations While Studying English In The UK
08/02/2019 Max Manganello

Love Harry Potter – Visit Filming Locations While Studying English In The UK

One of the coolest things about learning English abroad is that you will be able to explore places where your favourites films were shot and usually you can visit them for free. When in London/UK you can pretend to be in the magical world of Harry Potter.


Australia house – All the scenes from Gringotts were filmed inside Australia house. Unfortunately, Australia house is not open to visitors, but you can explore the outside of the house, it is 5 minutes’ walk from Temple tube station.

King’s Cross Station – Every Harry Potter’s fan knows how important this station is, after all, who never dreamed about grabbing your suitcase and getting onto the Hogwarts express by jumping through the wall on platform 9 ¾?

A curious fact about this famous platform is that there wasn’t any barrier between platforms 9 and 10 so in order to shoot the film, platforms 4 and 5 were renumbered by 9 and 10. Nowadays you can find one of the station walls at King’s Cross with a  9¾ sign and also a shop for souvenirs from the wizarding world.

Millennium Bridge – This important bridge in London was host to the first scene of Harry Potter and the half-blood prince. In that scary scene the bridge was destroyed by death-eaters. The closest tube/train station is Blackfriars.

London City Hall – The first scenes of Harry Potter and the half-blood prince were shot in London city hall. The nearest tube/train station is London Bridge and it is 4 minutes’ walk.

Claremont Square – This spot is 5 minutes’ walk from Angel tube station and was the film location of Grimmauld place. The screenwriters thought that somehow the row of those beautiful town houses at Claremont Square seemed magical.

Piccadilly Circus – One of the picture postcards of London is also one of the filming locations in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows 1 where Harry, Hermione and Ron were almost hit by a London bus! The nearest tube station is Piccadilly Circus.

Leadenhall Market – This famous and beautiful market in London makes an appearance in Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. It is 3 minutes’ walk from Monument tube station

Reptile House London Zoo – The scene where Harry Potter finds out that he can speak ‘Snake’ (talk to snakes) was shot at Reptile House of London Zoo. This spot is 5 minutes’ walk from Camden Town tube station.

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel – This stunning hotel was used as an entrance for King’s Cross station in Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets. St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is also famous for being a filming location of 102 dalmatians and Batman. The nearest tube/train station is King’s Cross St Pancras.

Great Scotland Yard – It was on this corner, 4 minutes’ walk from Embankment tube station, that Harry Potter and Ron Weasley got into the red telephone box which was the visitors’ entrance to the Ministry of Magic. Unfortunately, the cabin doesn’t exist anymore it was installed specifically for the scene and removed after filming! Great Scotland Yard is host to the London Police Force so behave when you are there!

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