Learn Some New Words With The Queen, Harry & Megan

Learn Some New Words With The Queen, Harry & Megan
15/01/2020 Max Manganello

Queen agrees Harry and Meghan plan

The Queen has said she supports the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s plan to divide their time between the UK and Canada, though there are details still to work out. But Canada’s prime minister says ‘more talks are needed over the move’ and ‘who will pay for their security?



Key words and phrases

showing good judgement that leads to an advantage

  • I made a shrewd investment and used the profit to buy a car.
  • Getting both parties to agree on a ceasefire was a shrewd move.

modern and encouraging change

  • It’s a new political party that has very progressive policies.
  • At one time mixed-sex schools were considered progressive.

forced into doing something

  • I was railroaded into signing the contract before I read it properly.
  • The first offer was cheap, but I was railroaded into buying the upgrade.


Answer these questions:

  • QUESTION 1 – Which word is an antonym of ‘progressive‘?
    1. Conservative
    2. Congressive
    3. Republican


  • QUESTION 2 – What’s the correct way to write this word, which means ‘showing good judgement that leads to an advantage?
    1. Shreud
    2. Shrood
    3. Shrewd


  • QUESTION 3 – I was railroaded ____ signing an unfair contract. I wish I hadn’t done it.
    1. and
    2. forward
    3. into

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