Explore Wales for the Perfect UK Holiday

Explore Wales for the Perfect UK Holiday
14/12/2018 TrinityUK

Explore Wales for the Perfect UK Holiday

When the word Wales is mentioned, people’s minds instantly flicker to images of sheep and valleys, they can’t help but picture the fells and valleys with sheep happily grazing on the land. As well as amazing scenery, lovely landscapes and wildlife, Wales has so much to offer! With the interesting, buzzing cities of Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, St. David’s and Bangor, it’s impossible to say that Wales isn’t a hive of activity. Although some areas are sparsely populated and rural, much of Wales has a cosmopolitan and busy atmosphere. A truly varied, cultural country, Wales has something for absolutely everyone.

Wales attracts all kinds of tourists; those fascinated by the history and culture of the country, those who like the quiet hills and those who are drawn to the busy cities, as well as families wanting to experience all of these things. It’s understandable that many of the tourists are awestruck by the history of Wales, with myths and legends such as Saint George and the Dragon and tales of small welsh towns and villages. There are many stories in Wales of monsters and mountains and ancient people; all of which are sure to be of interest to parents and their children. People who love the history of Wales are strongly recommended to visit St. Fagan’s National History Museum. Rather than a standard museum where a collection of exhibits are all displayed in a historic building, St. Fagan’s has a large number of buildings from throughout history spread over a large area. From Celtic Huts to Victorian Mining Cottages and even the ‘House of the Future’, the museum offers a fascinating insight into Welsh property throughout time. All of the buildings are opened and visitors are able to walk around the properties; which really bring the past to life.

There are many attractions that see thousands of families yearly, such as Oakwood Theme Park. Boasting a ride, ‘Megafobia’ that has been voted best ride in the UK and third best in the world, Oakwood happily and easily competes with its English, and global rivals. In addition to the massive, adrenaline pumping rides, Oakwood also offers rides that those who don’t like roller-coasters will love! Other popular family attractions in Wales include Adventures Outdoor Activity Centre, The LC – Waterpark and Leisure Complex and PARC – All Weather Play. As well as these, there are many great companies that offer great value, family days out; including exertions on Quad Bikes, in Castles and on activity courses.

Wales can offer people a relaxing and quiet retreat, where people can forget their stresses and just have a good time in the countryside. Many adventurous outdoor people love the challenge of summiting Snowdon, the highest mountain is Wales. Visitors also love the rolling Welsh hills, or fells, as they’re known in Wales. On holiday in Wales, people often adore the peace of the environment and revisit, as Wales seems to offer a unique atmosphere that helps people totally relax. Other natural attractions within Wales are the beaches; Pendine Sands is a 7 mile stretch of sandy shoreline, with dunes and the refreshing sea. The other elements of Wales that add to the peacefulness and calm are the towns and villages; with a friendly air, most make tourists feel at home right away. The small walled town of Tenby in Pembrokeshire, with its colourful houses and small streets, offers an idyllic retreat for city-dwellers, a world apart from the busy, bustling streets of any British city.

Clearly, there is more to Wales than just they stereotypical sheep and valleys! Wales is home to many different attractions for every person. Not only are can Wales offer the relaxing, outdoor holiday that most people would expect, it’s also perfect for families, historians, adventure-lovers and people fascinated by nature! A genuinely excellent and interesting country that gives people the chance to leave England for very little expense, Wales makes a great holiday destination. Immerse yourself in a totally different culture, with road signs, place names and many other words all in a different language; Welsh. It seems foolish to allow stereotypes to cloud our vision and spend more money holidaying elsewhere just because people believe Wales has little to offer, quite the opposite, Wales offers more than anywhere else!


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