Welcome to Trinity UK

Learn English with fun! Combining over 25 years’ experience in education travel, we are a small language school where our students are put first and where learning English is a fun and cultural experience. We are officially accredited by the British Council and we are very proud to have an official stamp of quality on our summer courses. We look forward to welcoming your students at our summer camps where they will live the experience of a lifetime.

Why choose us?

A Personal Approach

We are passionate about creating a friendly and safe environment

High Quality Experiences

Our Awesome courses also provide many cultural experiences.

Tailor Made Courses

We offer flexible study packages designed to meet individual needs

Our Camps and Programmes

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#TrinityUK is #FRIENDSHIP! Our #SummerCamps are a safe and perfect place for you to practice your English language and learn more. But they are also a great place to make new international friendships! #trinityUK #YouStudyWeCare #TrinitySummer #TrinityExperience #EFL

#TrinityUK is FUN for everyone... young and adults. Our #Trinityteam is always with our students and leaders making sure they make the most out of their #TrinitySummer experience with us. #trinityExperience #trinitystyle #summercamp #englishsummerschool #efl #studywithtrinity

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